A Photo of Timmy Turner, the star of the show

Cosmo and Wanda (below), Timmy Turner's GodparentsTimmy "Tristopher" Turner
Gender Male


Fairy GodBrother: Poof

Fairy GodParents: Cosmo and Wanda

Relatives 2

Anti-Fairy GodBrother: Foop

Anti-Fairy GodParents: Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda

Mother:Mrs. Turner

Father:Mr. Turner

Timmy Turner is a ten-year-old kid who secretly has Fairy GodParents and a Fairy GodBrother: Cosmo, Wanda and Poof. He is the main protagonist of the show "The Fairly OddParents." He is voiced by the wonderful Tara Strong.


{C}Timothy Tiberius "Timmy" Turner is an English American 10-year-old boy. His parents are rarely around and take little interest in him, which makes it easy to hide Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof. He wishes for nearly everything he wants, which sometimes causes havoc. Timmy is smart, but has a short attention span, which leads to failing grades (although his teacher, Denzel Crocker enjoys giving him an F when he is correct). He marries Tootie (most likely Tootie) or Trixie in the episode Channel Chasers and has two children named Tommy and Tammy (which is funny since Tommy is one of the names Trixie or even his parents mistakenly call him during the show). So far, he is one of the few 2D animated characters to have a crossover special with Jimmy Neutron, a 3D animated character. Timmy wears a pink shirt with a pink hat with a floating dot because Timmy's parents thought he would be a girl. He also wears dark blue pantyhose. Sometimes, he is shown in briefs and others in boxers.

Timmy comes from a middle class background which is often referenced. He is also indubitably selfish and wishes for things that will help him; nonetheless, whenever his wishes go wrong, Timmy works to set things right. Timmy's English background is mentioned when his great, great, great, great great uncle Nigel P. Turner was a upper middle class banker in 18th century London. His age is perfect as he does things a 10-year-old normally would do. Oddly, he always stays the same age even after his school had a summer vacation three times. Timmy's age difference is shown a handful of times. In the episode Baby Face he is turned into a baby to escape Francis's wrath. He is smaller and wears a pink baby cap. As a 16-year old he is very muscular with big arms and a sleeveless pink shirt. He is quite a few feet taller. As an adult, he is still muscular and a white shirt with a pink tie and same blue pants. In the bleak future, he wears a indigo suit with light black shoes. He loves comic books, video games, cartoons, and baseball. He is the average American boy.

Timmy longs to be popular and regularly stands up against teachers and bullies, and isn't above torturing his enemies for his own amusement. Timmy wishes so many things away that an entire island had to be created as a storage for his "unwished" wishes. He is also shown to be addicted to wishing to the point that he lost nearly all of his resourceful and physical skill and needed to go to "wishing rehab," where he re-learns how to rely on his own skills again. In Fairly OddBaby, Timmy gets a fairy baby brother (who Cosmo has instead of Wanda) who he names Poof. In Wishology, Timmy is revealed in the Cave Prophecy in Fairy World as the one to defeat the Darkness and its forces. Actually it was supposed to be Turbo Thunder, but he fell asleep before the Darkness arrived. In a season six Fairly OddParents episode, Timmy finally celebrates his 11th birthday.

It is seen in Add-a-Dad, while Timmy and his dad are playing catch, that Timmy is left-handed.

The concept of Timmy first came from series animator Butch Hartman's idea of a male version of Cinderella who is watched over by a fairy godmother.


Season 1Edit

Timmy is usually seen wearing blue pants, a pink t-shirt, and a pink hat (main reason because his parents expected a daughter instead of a son.)

Love InterestsEdit

Timmy's love intersts are:

  • Tootie has a crush on Timmy.
  • Timmy has a crush on Trixie.
  • Timmy shows some affection for Cindy.
  • In one episode, Timmy serenades to Tootie, but Vicky hears it instead of Tootie.


  • Timmy Turner is the eight Disney/Pixar protagonist to start off at odds with the deuteragonist (Chester) of her feature film. She is preceded by Woody with Buzz in Toy Story, Flik with Princess Atta in A Bug's Life, Marlin with Dory in Finding Nemo, Lightning McQueen with Mater in Cars, Carl Fredricksen with Russell in Up, Merida and her mother in Brave and Mike with Sulley in Monsters University.
  • Timmy Turner has Fairy GodParents named Cosmo and Wanda, and a Fairy GodBrother named Poof. His best friends are Chester and A.J.
  • He also has back-up friends named Sanjay and Elmer.
  • He has rivals named "Denzel" Mr. Crocker, Vicky the Evil Babysitter, Francis the bully, and Remy Buxaplenty
  • He had always been in love with Trixie, the popular girl.
  • In Channel Chasers, it is seen that Timmy will marry either Tootie or Trixie, but most likely Tootie because his daughter looks like her.
  • He has already met all the characters of another show, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius.
  • The concept of Timmy first came from series animator Butch Hartman's idea of a male version of Cinderella who is watched over by a fairy godmother.
  • Timmy is secretly named after Butch Hartman's younger brother, Timmy Hartman.
  • Timmy is most probably ambidextrous.